Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I change/update my broadcasted messages

A: Simply login to to update your messsages on the devices you own.  Select the device and create a message!....very easy!

Q. What are the costs & fees?

$30.00 for device & activation; $15 per month for air-time.

$45.00 gets you started for 30 days

$15 per month after that to keep it broadcasting your message/link/app

Q. What if I don't have a Webpage/Link Domain or App ?

We are Bird-Dog Marketing Inc! Simply use our Secured Main-Page Directory for FREE; until we can hook you up with a very inexpensive  domain & basic Home-Page! Call for details & pricing 847-599-6000

Q. Can I become a "Reseller" and make residual income?

YES YOU CAN.... that is our hope & goal!  This product practically sells itself!  Buy your first one, and Nectarkast will email you a login credential for their PARTNER PROGRAM!  Use our Code: BIRDDOG and begin earning money like us every month!  $$$$$$$$

Q. Who will receive my Broadcasted Message & Links?

Anybody with an Android Phone with Google's popular "Neaby " App on.  Apple phones and future Androids will soon come with standard features that at will automatically receive our signals when they come within 300+ feet of your well-placed transmitter

Q. How can I get the "Specs" and more details about this program?

Connect to for complete details, specs, ordering info, payment arrangements, contact info and PARTNER payment-plans & schedules!  PLEASE remember to use our