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Welcome To The Future of Marketing & Business Development!  

It starts with this device!  Here's how it works!  Place this item in your storefront window, in your pocket or anywhere- and customers with Google's "Nearby" App will automatically receive "Your special message!"  From discounts to specials to a quick-link to your website & App, anyone within 300+ feet of this device will be notified and given a link to your sites!

Step One: Get the text-message transmitter!

Step Two: Get a domain name

Step Three:  Get a website & App


The Hall Brothers Network!

The Hall Family has it's roots deep into our technological past history!  Mr. Hall started with Motorola in 1947, and the Hall Family has always been FIRST ON THE BLOCK with every technology that Motorola produced, from the first in-dash car radio, the first C.B. Radios and Walkie-Talkies, the first Color Televisions, then the Beeper, Car Phone and now Portable Cell Phones!  NOW... once again, we are the FIRST ON THE BLOCK with this new and latest technologies!  Be the FIRST on your block with this exciting new technology that passively but aggressively drives business and customers right to your site or place of business !

Community Involvement & Empowerment!

Team Members at Rockford U

The Hall Brothers help the community by helping sponsor Rockford Illinois' two Mobile Learn Labs!  Gus Hall is the Operations Director and above are some of the Students from Rockford University's Business School.  The Mobile Computer Tech Lab visits and engages with many Colleges as well as grade-schools!

Center for Nonviolence & Conflict Transformation Mobile Tech Labs!

We currently help sponsor Rockford's 2 Mobile Computer Tech Labs that reach out to under-served members of the community by teaching "Computer Programming & Coding Classes", & "Website Development" to kids & adults at no cost!

Kids Love Coding!

Can a kid design your next website?  Well, while we build your site, we many allow some of them to help and engage; and "YES"- our goal is to prepare the next wave of computer programmers, through Coding & Web & Business Development Classes and Programs!


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